This property is a beautiful 100 year old, 10,000 sq. ft. brick building located in historic downtown Vidalia on HWY 280, which is the main highway that flows through Vidalia. It was originally built as a wholesale grocery warehouse and was later used as a freight warehouse and printing press. The building will be our physical base of operation that’s capable of facilitating growth, quality ministry to local families , regional conferences, outreach events, weekly gatherings, prayer & worship sessions, healing rooms, ministry training,  video streaming, and relevant, life changing ministry for the next generation.  This will be a HUGE step forward for us and will help expand our influence exponentially. From this place, we want the gospel message “ringing out” to the nations.

Because of its historic nature and unique, turn of the century southern appeal, the property can be rented out as a beautiful venue space for weddings, receptions, and parties that can not  only cover its monthly expenses, but also create income that can be used for the gospel. Instead of taking away from our ability to do local and global missions work, this property can actually help us do more than we have ever done before! Once restored, this building will be a beautiful addition to downtown Vidalia and will only add value and beauty to our community.

This is a big project, but it also comes with a big reward.   Not only will this allow our ministry to make giant steps forward, but it will also give us the ability to consistently hold community outreach events in the heart of downtown Vidalia. Outreach events like vintage movie nights, concerts, music festivals, feeding and serving various groups, and numerous other community events. Also, by renting out the space for private and community events, several of our local church members who are involved in the catering, food, coffee, photography, and event industries can have even more opportunities to serve people in new ways.

The prophet Isaiah said “Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes.” (Isaiah 58:12) We are those rebuilders. Both figuratively and literally. In this world so much is forgotten, broken, or ruined, and through this project, we have an opportunity to be a part of God’s great restoration project in the earth at this time. Restoration starts in our hearts and in our families, but this work continues until it affects our neighborhoods, communities, cities, and world. We are committed to doing all that we can with our limited time on this planet to seeing people reached with the gospel, living in the love of the Father, daily experiencing the grace of Jesus, and entering into the riches and resources available in the Kingdom of God.

We are including some pictures of similar buildings that have been fully renovated below. These pictures will help to give you a glimpse of the potential of our property.


In order to do this project right, and in a way that honors it’s history while also utilizing its Kingdom potential, the beginning renovation budget will be around $150,000- $200,000 in total. We are believing and working to not only raise this amount in full, but also will also be working to aggressively pay off our debt to the bank with the growth, increase, and income this property helps to produce.  Will you consider investing in this historic, multi-use property?

All donations are tax deductible. Please contact us for more info.

General Renovation Plan

  • Back Corner Foundation Repair. (Ram Jack from Savannah.)
  • Brick Repair throughout Entire Building.
  • Clean up/ Pressure Wash Inside & Outside.
  • Restore & Refinish Original Hardwood Floors.
  • Restore Indoor Water Sprinkler System.
  • New Ceiling in Front Part of Building.
  • New Commercial HVAC Units & Duct Work.
  • New PEX Plumbing.
  • New Electrical throughout Building.
  • New Doors & Windows.
  • New Metal Roof.
  • New Sky Lights with Ceiling Vents.
  • 4 New Bathrooms.
  • Install Commercial Kitchen.
  • New Indoor Lighting Including Rustic Chandeliers.
  • Build Front Awning.
  • Restore & Protect Outside Wooden Beams.
  • Build New Outside Porch.
  • Build Handicap Access.
  • Outside Landscape & Lighting.
  • Install Metal Fence Outside.
  • Cut Down Marked Trees.
  • Level & Gravel Parking Lot.
  • Install Indoor Sound System. Possible Outdoor Speakers.


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