We want to pray for you. Sign up now. “30 Days of Focused & Fervent Prayer for Financial Breakthrough”. November 1-30 2018.



We want to pray for you, your family, your business, work, or ministry for the next 30 days believing God for financial breakthroughs, miracles of abundance, and blessing. No gimmicks. Just prayer. Today we’re launching “30 Days of Focused & Fervent Prayer for Financial Breakthrough” and this is how you can participate.

1) Watch this video.
2) If you want us praying for you and your work send us your name, what city you’re from, and what your need is. You can be as general or as specific as you want to be.
3) If you want to join our prayer team and help us pray for people every day let us know.
4) Give every week to your church or whatever ministry that you are connected to that is helping to get the gospel to the world. Giving is a grace but also a discipline. It could be $5 a week but develop the faith habit of giving.
5) Expect answers to prayer. See a clear picture of your prayers accomplished. Write down the inspiration God gives you. Pay attention to His wisdom and give undivided focus to His Word on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, let us know. Let’s pray and believe together!

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