Brett’s Podcast Episode 10- “Divine Acceptance & Authority”.

Our acceptance, worth, and identity comes from God, not from what we do, what others say about us, or the possessions we have or don’t have in life. When we understand that we are accepted and approved by God in the Beloved because of Jesus, and not because of our obedience, religion, or performance, then we can have confidence to exercise our authority over the devil, disease, disasters, darkness, and even death. Because we are in Christ, we are Father’s delight and joy. In Christ, it is impossible for us to be displeasing to God! We can experience rest knowing that our present and eternal state before God in Christ is secure. The same love, value, appraisal, estimate, and feelings the Father has for Jesus is the same that He has towards us.  You are loved, welcomed, and wanted by God! This truth will release you to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit on a consistent basis.

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